Where the Hell’s Bob?

Where the Hell’s Bob is the first short story in the Twisted Series:  Strangely Twisted  Vol 2: Dark and Primal on Amazon

Bob’s a bad roommate. Maryanne’s had with the guy and he won’t leave so she decides to give him a permanent home in a hole in the basement. Problem is when she’s ready to fill the hole with cement- no Bob. No Bob anywhere. Where the hell’s Bob?

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Where the Hell's Bob? Where the Hell's Bob? Where the Hell's Bob?

The other short stories in this volume are:

Strangely Twisted - Vol 2 - Dark & Primal

A Son of His Own. What makes a family? What makes a son? Sometimes love, sometimes experimental drugs. Sometimes a psycho father and a mommy who can’t get her handcuff off.

Thankful. He was her last customer for the night: thin, soft hands, and he didn’t stink. Now Brie’s got twenty-six days to be thankful… with his darkness always by her side.

The Vole. There’s a rodent in the house and it needs to die at any cost no matter how crazy things have to get. Based on a true interdimensional sighting of my own.

Nocebo: I Will Harm. Dr. Gardner’s patients are taxing his patience. But he’s found a way to help them and help himself until he gets knee deep in Mississippi mud.

Laura’s OOAK Portrait Dolls. Get a one-of-a-kind doll in the image of your loved one. Log on to Laura’s website and place your order now. Just make sure you don’t have any little dark secrets.

The Perfect House. Oh come on, you know nothing’s perfect. So did Donna when she found out the Ward family never moved out, and one of them doesn’t want her to move out either.

Juthth Ranch. After two failed businesses, Gabir’s beautiful wife Aludra has come up with a most perfectly bizarre  idea, sure to satisfy every American man and make Gabir rich and respected.

Mod Man. Garrison never grew out of his baby face and no plastic surgeon wants to help until he finds Dr. Daniel Berkowitz and gets the transformation he never dreamed possible.

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