Werewolves of Loquat


Pub Date: 10/26/2014 – 64 Pages 99 Cents

buy-on-amazonWerewolves of Loquat is a humorous Hallows’ Eve cozy novella in The Sasha and Sebastian Mulberry Mystery series.

Sasha Barton and her talking British shorthair, Sebastian, move to the quaint and quirky town of Mulberry after inheriting Grams’ old house.

Loquat, Mulberry’s neighboring berry growing adversary, has a one hundred year old secret that will end up changing both towns forever.

When Jasper Simmons, the Fruits of the Holy Spirit Church janitor, is found dead as a door knob in the church’s cauldron that was delivered to Sasha’s parlor for her Halloween party, the fur starts flying.

Werewolves of Loquat, originally called A Mulberry Hallows’ Eve, was published as a #tweetstory over 30 days in about 4700 characters. It grew into a parody of Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon, the name was changed, the novella written and the video created. The latter is available on YouTube and the author’s website.

The book includes the lyrics to Werewolves of Loquat and the recipe for Soul Cakes (the doughnut style) from which trick-or-treating as we know it today evolved. The recipe was modified slightly from the one published by Florence Berger, the devout baker who vowed to bring mercy to every Christian’s soul.

The Sasha and Sebastian Mystery series is a small town heart warmer and a cats-with-attitude lovers must read.

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