The Roxbury Haunting

Pub Date: 11/28/2016

Book 1 in the Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series

Jack Raven is a Psychic Medium who has been talking to spirits since she was a child. Now, she owns Raven Eradications and her job is to assist the dead in moving onward– up or down as the case may be with her partner Mojo, a Tamaskan wolfdog.

Just before Christmas, she’s called to the home of Dorothy Matthews to get rid of the man who’s living in the woman’s attic. Alexander Jenningsworth, the home’s first owner, has increased his ghostly activity and has no plans on going anywhere. Dorothy though has already left the building.

Determined to learn why Alexander remains earthbound years after his death, Jack discovers secrets from his and Dorothy’s lives that defy the time that separates them. With help from Detective Clayton Acker, Jack battles an angry spirit for the truth that uncovers past and present mysteries.

The Roxbury Haunting is the first in the Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series. This is a clean, cozy, supernatural series.

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