The Eton Bluff Haunting

Pub Date: 6/6/2017

Book 4 in the Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series

Jack Raven is a Psychic Medium who talks to spirits. As the owner of Raven Eradications, she travels the country to assist the dead in moving onward with the help of her partner Mojo, a Tamaskan wolfdog.

In this fourth book in the series, Jack goes to Eton Bluff, Minnesota. Four young, tech-savvy partners have invested their meager savings in a new social media startup called Spider. The enterprise’s founders, Rice and Alice Silver, are tech clueless, but have over sixty years of combined experience selling used cars. They buy an old barn, patch the holes, and move their new partners in while they go in search of wealthy business investors.

The partners experience unexplained events that they are convinced are supernatural. After partner Morgan Nordquist falls to his death, the others blame a vile spirit they’ve named Charlie. When a local paranormal group goes missing after spending a night in the barn, the remaining partners convince Morgan’s cousin to hire Jack.

Blanche Coleman, a detective with a troubled past, is assigned to the case. She suspects Rice and Alice had everything to do with Morgan’s death, especially after she discovers the Silvers bought life insurance on each of the four entrepreneurs.

The more Coleman investigates, the stranger things get. When she meets Jack, Coleman sees her as an unwitting accomplice to cracking the case and redeeming her own tarnished reputation.
Charlie has other plans.

The Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series is a fun, clean and supernatural adventure.

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