SuperMoon Soul Growth

supermoonWelcome your Yin Spiritual Energy with the November 14, 2016 SuperMoon.

What’s a SuperMoon

Two things have to happen for a Full or New Moon to be Super.

  1. The Moon must move closer to the Earth than at other times of the year (perigee).
  2. The Moon must be in direct alignment with the Earth and the Sun (syzygy).

What Happens to the Earth

The oceans’ tidal force will increase about 20 percent. Watch out for flooding in coastal areas.

The increased gravitational pull can incite other severe conditions including wild weather, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

What Happens to Human Beings

SuperMoons supercharge our own internal water works, and thus, our emotions. We feel more when our inner currents (we are 50-65% water) are also being tugged on. Get ready for mood swings and quirky behavior, joy, love, anger, sadness, and all the rest. This is true more so for women than men, but we all have Yin Energy.


Remember You are a Spiritual Being

Embrace your emotions whatever they are. As long as you respect yourself and others, you’ll be wonderful.

How you embrace your emotions is more important than what emotions you experience because it all come down to: a spiritual being having a human experience.

Because we are ‘in human form’, this is easy to forget. Remind yourself often.

Embrace your emotions and connect them back to your spiritual being by asking WHY.

Keep asking why until you get to the core of your spiritual growth process.

Start by asking your human self what emotion you are feeling. Follow that by asking WHY. Listen to the answers. Ask again. Go deeper. Repeat until you have a spiritual growth answer.

Negative Human Emotions

So, for example, you ask Why am I sad? You’ll start off getting a very human answer, such as someone hurt your feelings or you lost your job.

Ask WHY again. You’ll get something such as, I feel unloveable or I fear I’ll end up living on the streets without a paycheck.

Keep going… until you reach the magic Kingdom or Queendom of Spirit. Meaning how exactly does this change the course of your spiritual journey and why exactly did you agree to the change in your journey before you came to this dimension?

Do this and you’ll end up with the inherent growth that you mistook for hurt or pain. Yes, your human beingness is experiencing pain because it still identifies with the joy that once was and isn’t anymore. That’s okay. It’s wonderful.

The important part is the “isn’t any more.”

You had the experience, learned the lesson, evolved your soul purpose, and are ready for the next experience. It’s only your human being that is holding on.

It’s scary only until you realize that what you really feel is
your spiritual being at the point where it is ready to move on in your journey.


If you have held on too long or try to keep holding on, the experience will become more painful. For example, a loving relationship turns into one of conflict. A job you loved turns into one where you are on the brink of getting fired.

You either agree to grow (change) together or move apart…

Or, and this is where we go so wrong as human beings, you stick it out and conflict turns to hostility, maybe even violence, and yes, being fired from the job you long ago gave the one-finger salute to but refused to leave.

Positive Human Emotions

Some intense emotions are extremely positive, and I hope you have many of them. Again, as long as you respect yourself and others, you’ll be wonderful.

Still ask WHY.

Why? Because you want to learn how to do more of the same. Happiness, joy, passion etc, are the universe’s way of saying: You are on the right path.

Don’t forget this is a spiritual path. Too often human beings turn a good thing bad by over indulging.

For example, lots of money can led to excess in pleasurable things that overwhelm the human vehicle. We aren’t designed to drink a gallon of vodka everyday or eat mass quantities of food or have endless sexual partners. The human body will fail under such conditions.

But back to the happy, joy, passion stuff.

Still ask yourself WHY until you get the spiritual journey answer that will propel your growth by leap and bounds.

Your answers will reveal your true soul purpose and spiritual bliss will follow.

Spiritual SuperMoon Practices


  • There are many rituals you can do to embrace the energy of the SuperMoon. On YouTube, you’ll find an endless number of videos on meditation, affirmations, hypnosis, etc. Enjoy one or more of them today.
  • Go outside and look at that SuperMoon! Be amazed for even a few minutes by its awesomeness. Get supercharged.
  • Set an intention. Write it down, bless it, burn the paper its written on, trust spirit to deliver it.
  • Take care of your human vehicle with exercise, yoga, rest, high vibrational foods, epson salt soaks.
  • Meditate, pray, smudge your home with sage, listen to binaural and solfeggio music.
  • Ask WHY until you get the spiritual growth answer needed.

When you signed up for the human being experience, you agreed to evolve.
It’s not negotiable now 🙂

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