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New on Amazon.  Strangely Twisted: Vol III Dark and Crazy

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Vol 1: Dark & Fishy – free sample of Fish and Holy Water.

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Vol 3: Dark & Crazy – free sample of Soul Takers

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Strangely Twisted 3 Cover MVol 3 – Dark & Crazy  

Look around. All us humans are crazy. Some of us just dip a toe in the shallow end when no one is looking. Some of us climb high and dive deep, au naturel. Some of us get pushed in and held under. These 9 stories don’t discriminate because crazy is the great equalizer. If you don’t believe that, look around.

Volume 3 contains foul language, sexual references, maggots, fleas, humor, sociopaths, narcissists, psychopaths, murderers, maniacs, and a little me, and a little you. Read the rest here

Strangely Twisted MVol 2 – Dark & Primal

Primal urges are those most basic, so important parts of who we really are.  Survival, sex, love, dominance… all setting the inner beasty free to run wild. We’re taught from a young age to control our primal urges and we do our best, most of us, most of the time. But we all know that we are just one small push, one minor provocation from indulging our primal pleasures.

Volume 2 contains foul language, some sexual reference, a dirty little animal, psychos and a rodent, a few ghosts, an old man and his poppet, dolls with a purpose, cannibalism, soul re-engineering, and  beauty in the eye of the beholder. Read the rest here.

Strangely Twisted-MVol 1 – Dark & Fishy

Nothing is as it appears in these 9 twisted tales. Things are all a bit off, puzzling, dubious… fishy, in fact. Before you get all full of yourself, try to be who you aren’t, deny the demon inside you or the ones you wish to take advantage of or ignore your duties to others, supernatural or other worldly, learn a little something from those who tried to do the same and failed. Great bedtime quick reads for the strangely twisted.

Volume 1 has foul language, some sexual reference, a monster, demons, gods, goddesses, a witch, a warlock, a ghost, a priest, hell, magic, humor, and cannibalism properly served. Read the rest here.

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