Spirit Animal: The Wolf

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The Wolf is the embodiment of disciplined ravage.  Intelligence is its advantage. Inner knowing is its noble path.

The Wolf teaches both independence and community. Trusting yourself above all else will serve you well. Developing your instincts is key to using the Wolf’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of impulse and preparation that this totem represents. A call of the wild is imprinted in its DNA.  Loyalty to friends and loved ones should never require compromising your appetite for freedom. You can do both.

Being a team player should be in balance with time spend alone. Let no one convince you that you are paranoid or fearful; you are neither. Your ancient and honorable predatory nature is always on guard. Don’t interpret this as anxiety. The need to perceive threats is essential to your nature.

Consider a vocation that requires keen observation and making your own quick decisions such as air traffic control, counterintelligence, and forest ranger service. It is best to have a group you can consult with while doing much of your work alone. Work outdoors if possible. Do not let difficult times discourage you. Look not to the hardships, but to the lessons to avoid repeating patterns. Retreat when necessary. Never let others make your decisions, either in love or battle.

Quiet perseverance is your anchor.

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