Spirit Animal: The Snake

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The Snake is the embodiment of the shape shifter. The ability to charm is its advantage. Transformation is its noble path.

The Snake teaches flexibility and the power of change. A willingness to shed old skin will serve you well. Transmutation is the key to using the Snake’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of mystery and contradictions this totem represents. Reinvention is imprinted in its DNA. You can be both captivating and intimidating by just being yourself.

There is an inner drive to strike out and a need to hide under a rock. Take time for both, it is essential for your normal progression. What others perceive as moodiness is nothing more than your evolving and revolving soul growth. Avoid those who strive to ‘fix’ you. You cannot be easily defined and attempts to confine you will end in disaster.

Consider a vocation in such areas as healing, hypnosis, life coaching, and science. Get clear about your purpose of the moment. Be comfortable discarding the old and welcoming the new. Know that yours is not the way of being but of changing. Helping others navigate their own transitions will be rewarding. You should never accept a life filled with routine or restrictions.

Metamorphosis is your anchor.

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