Spirit Animal: The Owl


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The Owl is the embodiment of wisdom.  Intuitive knowledge is its advantage.  Seeing beyond illusion is its noble path.

The Owl teaches the path of the mystic. Developing your six sense will serve you well. Exploring the unknown is key to using the Owl’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of seeking and sagacity that this totem represents. Insight is imprinted in its DNA. Hidden potential is in all people, but none more so than those guided by this mysterious creature.

Be fearless in making a deep connection with your innate wisdom. The Owl is often seen as an omen of death. However, this death is the realization of illusion of life and this world. Look to the hidden and unknown to reveal the truth that lies beyond reality. Your journey is one of transition, one not of walls but of doors. Choose to walk through them.

Consider a vocation where exploration and uncovering truths are the guiding principles such as science, astronomy, and journalism. Developing your psychic abilities is recommended as is studying ancient wisdom and religious texts. Refuse to take things at face value or believe what is generally accepted by others. Question authority. Reject the status quo.

Higher consciousness is your anchor.

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