Spirit Animal: The Lion


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The Lion is the embodiment of authority. An inner knowingness is its advantage. Leadership is its noble path.

The Lion teaches controlled assertiveness, quick thinking, and taking action. Strength rather than aggression will serve you well. A cool exterior is key to using the Lion’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of leadership and decisiveness that this totem represents. Aristocracy is imprinted in its DNA. The king of the jungle is powerful without need to wage personal battles to prove this true. Dominance and the ability to lead come from achieving proficiency of self.

You can solve problems for the best of all concerned. Nothing escapes your keen eyes and ears. Maintain your physical appearance to maintain the respect you require, especially if feeling dominated by others or if you are not reaching the material success that you desire.

Consider a vocation in the military, management, politics, and self-employment. Plan and direct rather than labor. Vow to inspire rather than rule by the sword. Failing to achieve a position of leadership or authority will cause you much physical and mental difficulties. Maintain balance in your life. Remember to take time alone to reflect and recharge.

Self-mastery is your anchor.

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