Spirit Animal: The Horse

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The Horse is the embodiment of freedom.  Balance is its advantage.  A equally tame and wild spirit is its noble path.

The Horse teaches us not to accept one or the other, but instead create a fusion of equal sides.  Refusing to compromise will serve you well. Unleashing your misconceptions of limitations is key to using the Horse’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of non-restraint and cooperation that this totem represents. Vigor is imprinted in its DNA. Use your body, mind, and soul to express your life on this journey of beauty and balance.

Never consider your personal constraints or weaknesses to be other than an illusion. Choose action and movement over indecision and doubt. Express yourself in one totality by combining work and play in everything you do. You will be most satisfied by being in harmony with your surroundings and circumstances.

Consider creating a vocation from your avocation. Seek freedom in balance with responsibility. Accept nothing less than what you really want to do and make it something that is the driving force of your journey. Use your intelligence, creative vision, physical and mental strength, and free spirit to accomplish something powerfully balanced.

Passion is your anchor.

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