Spirit Animal: The Goat

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The Goat is the embodiment of achievement. Setting and reaching goals is its advantage. Risk taking is its noble path.


The goat teaches how to be fearless and climb life’s highest mountains.  Living a life of probabilities rather than possibilities will serve you well. Setting your goals high enough is key to using the Goat’s energy effectively.


Master the qualities of determination and realization that this totem represents. Diligence is imprinted in its DNA. It is a spiritual vehicle to reaching new heights. The goat thrives in doing what others think impossible because  they fear the risk of trying. Independence and motivation come easily. Do not keep company with nay sayers. Ignore doubters and those who seek to prove you wrong. Take the high road in life; avoid looking down.


Consider a vocation where you can spend time outdoors or where risk taking and high adrenaline are a key components such as with first responders, investors, and pilots. Although you may enjoy working with others, avoid being influenced against your better judgment. Setting regular short goals will prevent stress and frustration in your life.


Surefootedness is your anchor.

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