Spirit Animal: The Fox

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The Fox is the embodiment of the trickster. Sleight of hand is its advantage. The power and potential of illusion is its noble path.

The Fox teaches that not everything you see should be believed. Seeking to see through the veil will serve you well. Tapping into the magic of universal consciousness is the key to using the Fox’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of wit and shrewdness that this totem represents. Originality is imprinted in its DNA. Those centered in the  material world can easily be fooled by you, and you take pleasure in your own deceptions.

You are skilled at getting out of tricky situations and trusting yourself to adapt as necessary to get what you want. Having too much fun can get you in hot water, but you are quick to overcome obstacles and create your own illusion of reality.

Consider a life of artistic expression, especially one that delights, amuses, and shocks others. Keep your sense of humor to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law, a risk you should not take lightly. You can always rely on your common sense, which is not subject to influence. Avoid those who are too serious no matter how much outsmarting them entertains you. Many spies and double agents bear this totem.

Cleverness is your anchor.

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