Spirit Animal: The Donkey

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The Donkey is the embodiment of service without servitude. Responsibility is its advantage. Carrying the burdens of the world is its noble path.

The Donkey teaches achievement through helping others. Action rather than discussion and debating will serve you well. A drive determined by practicality is key to using the Donkey’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of self-motivation and willpower that this totem represents. A strong work ethic is imprinted in its DNA. Enjoy routines as they add clarity to all your actions. Do not be influenced by the opinions of others should they be different from yours.

What others perceive as stubbornness is your determination to reach your goals, your way; never question why your way is necessary even when others do. Disregard advise that contradicts the wisdom of your inner knowing.

Consider a vocation where you can develop your own work flow or schedule. Physical labor and autonomous services such as accountant and non-litigious legal work is best. Working alone or in small groups will be the most comfortable. Volunteer work is recommended to satisfy your need to help others without undue control over your actions.

Strength of character is your anchor.

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