Spirit Animal: The Deer

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The Deer is the embodiment of poetry in motion. Gentleness is its advantage. Self-assured dignity is its noble path.

The Deer teaches the supreme gift of innocence in an untamed world. Sensitivity and relying on inner light will serve you well. Developing your intuition is key to using the Deer’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of kindness and humanity that this totem represents. Benevolence is imprinted in its DNA. Never mistake what others refer to as being shy or timid as the truth. These qualities protect you from the obstacles of a hostile terrain.

Love and harmony are your gifts to this world. Never doubt that you are different for a reason. Stay cautious and be quick to change directions in order to avoid physical and mental harm. Stay confident to ensure your spiritual growth.

Consider a vocation in holistic medicine, religious teachings, and psychic development. Your work should enlighten and serve and never revolve around material gain. Stay grounded in all that you do. Never hesitate to retreat or feel less of yourself for doing so. Be in, not of this world. Above all, know your divine nature. Be courageous in caring for others, Take time for yourself to recharge your energy, which is greatly depleted by a hectic and hostile world.

Grace is your anchor.

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