Spirit Animal: The Cat

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The cat is the embodiment of neither leading, following, or getting out of the way.  Relaxation is its advantage. Independence without effort is its noble path.

The cat teaches grace, balance, and patience. Your unique self-confidence will serve you well. Flexibility is the key to using the cat’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of dignity and pride that this totem represents. Obscurity is imprinted in its DNA. Refuse to be defined by others or question who would attempt to do such a thing as it is irrelevant. Reject those who wish to define you.

Accept yourself unconditionally. You must meander to a different drummer to reach your full potential. Make your own decisions using your unique wisdom.   Let other serve and protect you. You should avoid anything that weighs you down. Be mindful to get enough rest and rejuvenating sleep.

Consider a vocation where you can work at your own pace without too many interruptions and without the demands of deadlines, which can be your undoing. Self-employment in healing and creative professions such as writing is best. Winning the lottery is even better. Allow yourself time to explore the unknown and discover hidden truths.

Self-centricity is your anchor.


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