Spirit Animal: The Bull

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The Bull is the embodiment of masculine energy. Unpredictability is its advantage. Continuation of the life cycle is its noble path.

The Bull teaches confidence and uncompromised determination.  Trusting yourself first will serve you well. The ability to influence is key to using the Bull’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of tenaciousness and resolve that this totem represents. The warrior is imprinted in its DNA. This strong, domineering energy is the blueprint of heroes, and while always needed, it is not always appreciated.

You may be viewed as aggressive and inconsiderate when sacrifice is your true essence.  You can easily be misunderstood as you do not need a team to be a player. You react rather than contemplate a situation. Headstrong, you will be accused of being overly stubborn, even selfish while you are neither.

Consider a vocation in the military, coaching, or corporate officer. Working in your own business is wise. Gain respect by teaching what others fear to do. Assisting others in overcoming difficulties comes naturally to you. Facing adversity empowers you. Accepting that others do not have your inner fierceness is for the good of all concerned.

Perseverance is your anchor.

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