Spirit Animal: The Bear

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The Bear is the embodiment of determination. Patience is its advantage.  Temperance is its noble path.

The Bear teaches the power of methodical thinking.  Strengthening your willpower will serve you well. Introspection is key to using the Bear’s energy effectively.

Master the qualities of sensibility and ferocity that this totem represents.  Discipline is imprinted in its DNA. Nothing is more fierce than the mother bear though this gentle giant is slow and steadfast. Logic always prevails unless assertiveness is required. Always take time to ponder your decisions.

Slow down and reflect upon your life and your chosen path. Trust your inner compass, especially when you have the urge to withdraw (hibernate), if only for a short while. Believe that you will know when the time is right to wait or take action.

Consider a vocation where neither rushing or critical deadlines are required. Reflective and routine work such as academia, psychology, and research are best. Meditation is recommended. Retreats are a necessary component for happiness. A yearly recharge of your inner batteries is essential as you are influenced by seasonal changes.

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