Soul Takers

Soul Takers is the first short story in the Twisted Series:  Strangely Twisted  Vol III: Dark & Crazy on Amazon

Pat’s been a very bad boy, but this time he’s gone too far. He can forget about burning in hell though. Two peculiar berry pickers have been dispatched to collect the mountain man’s soul, and his latest sin is about to become his worst nightmare.

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The other short stories in this volume are:

Strangely Twisted Vol IIISuspended Bardo
. Kathleen Creighton thinks she has amnesia. As she walks aimlessly around a strange city day after day she remembers less and less. Then she learns she’s twenty minutes from home, but her travel plans have already been made, and all she can do is hope for better luck next time.

Pine Hill. Since she’s going to be there awhile, Caroline is writing a book about the crazies at Pine Hill Mental Institute. But where’s grandma? And why does everyone keep asking her that question?

Cleaning for Jesus. Gladys just wants to watch As the World Turns and have a flask that’s forever full of gin. That is until she gets a job cleaning an office building for Marilee Moses who’s busy doing her own cleaning… for Jesus.

Mara Luk Thep. The Thailand child angel dolls have come to Chatsworth just when Thomas needs a miracle. After losing his own child and nearly his wife too, Dr. Longon has the perfect therapy to help Thomas lose his mind.

Misdiagnosed. Colette DeJonker and Lilly Léon have nothing in common or maybe they do. Maybe they’re even one and the same. Maybe the pompous ass Dr. Wexler will explain it all or just maybe he’ll come up with a cure for both of them.

The Head in the Window. Tommy and Lizzy couldn’t be happier but demons in Tommy’s past haunt him. When he sees a woman with a disembodied head in the apartment window across the street, he has no choice but to confront her, the demons, and himself.

The Imposter. What do we pretend to be so we can have the life we want? What’s the price of faking a life that isn’t our own? Two imposters, Dr. Piper Barnes and Officer Jack Smith, are on a collision course where money isn’t the object and sanity is out of the question.

The Chimera and The Blonde. The perfect life, the perfect wife, the snow white crystalline arsenic that makes it all possible. Marissa is trapped in her hell of perfection by her domineering husband until she gets a visit from her most powerful ally and the chimera transforms her world.

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