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NEXT RELEASE: September, 2017
The  Taw Ridge Haunting
Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series – Book 5
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The Taw Ridge Haunting

Jack Raven is a Psychic Medium who talks to spirits. As the owner of Raven Eradications, she travels the country to assist the dead in moving onward with the help of her partner Mojo, a Tamaskan wolfdog.

In this fifth book of the series, Jack is headed to Taw Ridge, Tennessee where a new hotel owner is being driven out of business by the ghosts of three murder victims whose cases were never solved. The victims were killed in separate rooms on the thirteenth floor on the same night over fifteen years ago.

Ellen Boshears inherited the hotel from an uncle she never knew existed. Having just buried her husband of one year, she’s eager to leave CA and return to her home town. The building has sat empty for years, but its upkeep was maintained until her uncle’s death. Now guests report hearing screams,  running in halls, and slamming doors.

Boshears doesn’t believe in ghosts. She’s spent many nights on the 13th floor without hearing a thing. She wants to put an end to what he sees as nothing but rumors. She plans a grand re-opening party in two weeks and wants to use Jack’s services to boast publicity and money is no object. She wants a certification that the Hotel Boshears is a ghost free.

The Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series is fun, clean, supernatural adventure.

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