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The Shem Bay Haunting is Vol 3 in the Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series. It takes place in the fictional town of Shem Bay, Oregon. Jack is hired to rid a Doctor’s home of a spirit that is threatening him and amusing his young daughter. Dr. Douglas Pratt’s housekeeper is determined to keep the home exactly as it is.

This haunting is filled with ancient beliefs and spooky science that my research proved had a common link. Below are some of the tidbits of what I used in the book.

Lidérc. This is a supernatural creature of Hungarian folklore. There are three interpretation for the lidérc:  a chicken, which hatches from the egg of a black hen that’s kept warm under the arm of a human; a tiny temporal devil that may come from a black hen’s egg or is found  hiding in rags, boxes, glass bottles, or the pockets of old clothes; and a satanic lover, which is similar to an incubus or succubus. All three are demonic and very possessive.

Doppelganger.  The concept of look-alike doubles dates back to ancient Egyptian where it was called a Ka  (spirit double). Doppelganger is German for double-goer. Seems this supernatural phenomena is very natural.

Photographer  François Brunelle has spent over fifteen years photographing people who could be twins but are total strangers with no blood relationship. What’s so strange about the twins, besides looking alike, are their other characteristics such as weight, body shapes, dress preferences,  hairstyles, and even personalities.

For years I worked in Seattle and was frequently mistaken for my own doppelganger. A barrister at a Starbucks was especially friendly and would often ask me if I enjoyed an event or how something I’d never heard of turned out. I thought he was just being good at customer service until I realized afterwards that he really thought he knew me. By then he had become quite spooked by me, probably thinking I had mental problems. Sadly, I never met my doppelganger… or perhaps the barrister was right.

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Stuart Hameroff & Roger Penrose.  Hameroff, a  anesthesiologist,  and Penrose, a physicist, theorized that human consciousness comes from microtubules inside our brain cells and are responsible for quantum processing- otherwise known as the souls. That suggested that when the quantum information leaves the brain, it continues to exist.

The pair have plenty of critics but quantum physicist Henry Stapp agree that the personality might survive as a mental entity and could explain alleged possessions and channeling.

The Human Energy Field – Aura.  As much as Jack tries to stay out of the minds of the living, she can’t stop herself from reading auras.

You too have probably been reading them most of your life. If you think not, remember a time when you caught someone staring at you or come up too close behind you. What you sensed was their energy field- an electromagnetic or biomagnetic field that all living organisms project.

The field pulsates according to the hertz of the associated colors:  Blue 250–275 Hz (plus 1,200 Hz);  Green 250–475 Hz;  Yellow 500–700 Hz;  Orange 950–1050 Hz;  Red 1,000–1,200 Hz;  Violet 1,000–2,000, (plus 300–400; 600–800 Hz), and  White 1,100–2,000 Hz. (A Study of Structural Neuromuscular, Energy Field, and Emotional Approaches)

As you already sense others’ energy fields, with practice, you can learn to see auras too. Practice on plants and pets to begin with. It helps to meditate before you begin. Relax, empty your mind, and gaze slightly to the right or left of your subject.  Don’t try to keep your subject in focus. Spend ten to fifteen minutes  in practice. Soon you will see a fog or mist followed by the ability to see colors.

Alcohol & Spirits. If you have ever drank alcohol to excess or seen someone in an intoxicated state, you have likely experienced or witnessed black energy at work.  Alcohol opens a portal and changes not just the brain by altering neurotransmitters, but the personality by possession.

One of my favorite sites is the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (founded in India).  Using a biofeedback machine, their researchers took readings of the chakras (the subtle energy of the body) before and after alcohol consumption. They continued to take readings until the findings were close to original pre-alcohol level.  On average, it took 2.5 days to return to the original level.

In Hindu philosophy, there are 3 subtle basic components of creations:  Sattva (balance), Raja (imbalance), and Tama (inertia).  Alcohol increases Raja and Tama components.

Earthbound spirits are Raja and Tama dominant. They are attracted to like energy making the user of alcohol an easy target for possession, and the accompanying states of anger, depression, and despair.

If you have ever woken up the day after excessive use of alcohol and could not remember or believe what you did while intoxicated, know that you were under the influence of a dark spirit. Spooky right?

Curandera. Native to Latin America, these traditional healers are also known as shamans or witch doctors.  They use remedies to treat mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses that are believed to be malevolent spirits or a curse. Their powers are considered supernatural. They use herbs, massage, remedies, potions, sage smoke, and raw eggs. Deeply influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, reverence of various Saints and prayer are part of their practice.

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