Shadows of Ashland


Pub Date: 09/29/2016 – 249 Pages $2.99


Thirty years after she botched the news coverage on the Ashland Asylum for the Mentally Ill molestation trial, Jan Abbott returns as a freelance journalist to nail a pro-institutionalization assignment and redeem her self-respect.

Selected as the sample patient for the story is Eunice Cohoon… and her alter personality, Matilda Davenport.

Ashland’s Director couldn’t have made a worse selection to champion this innovation in mental health. Eunice, or rather Matilda, is determined to have another story told.

Since her head injury years ago, Jan Abbott has seen orbs and flashes and shadows, man in the moon syndrome. The shadows of Ashland remember Abbott well, and have waited patiently for her return, especially one little shadow.

While her career and her sanity slide sideways, Abbott’s father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her marriage is about to implode.

She’s going to discover that sometimes life’s not the story you thought you were going to write… but the one that is going to get written anyway.

Shadows of Ashland is a visceral experience where reality and illusion collide, where a life changed in an instant takes nearly a lifetime to reclaim, and where excavating a vile and depraved past can turn even the darkest shadow into eternal light.


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