Roxbury Haunting (Book 1) Research

The Roxbury Haunting is Vol 1 in the Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series.  Jack Raven is a psychic medium who helps those haunted by the dead. She offers her spirit eradication services in all 50 states and Canada.

The first in the series takes place in the fictional town of Roxbury, Texas. Jack is hired to eradicate a ghost living in the attic of Dorothy Mathews’ home. There’s a very synchronistic connection between the spirits and Dorothy’s own life that spans one hundred years to the day.

I love to research the places, spirits, and eradication methods for each book. Below are some of the tidbits that I used in The Roxbury Haunting.

Rock Salt. Along with her smudge sticks, Jack is never without her rock salt, a mineral that is used to absorb psychic energy and bind it into its own structure.

It’s especially useful as  protection  against psychic attacks and expelling unwanted psychic energy.

To use rock salt, sprinkle a small amount across thresholds and around buildings, both inside and out for protection and clearing. It’s recommended when moving into a new home to clear the former residents’ energies. It should also be used after illness, physical and emotional trauma, and other disruptions in the home.

If you don’t want to sprinkle the loose salt, place it in a bowl or other container and put it in the areas that need cleansing.  You can put the salt in a small pouch to wear and put under your pillow if you have nightmares or spirit visitors. You can get Rock Salt  on Amazon.

Smudge Sticks. White or sacred sage (salvia apiana) is an evergreen perennial native to the Southwest. It’s been used  by Native Americans for centuries in rituals for cleansing and healing.

To some, smudging done in Native American ceremonies is considered an Indigenous right that others should not do. Still, it has been incorporated into many spiritual and religious practices.

Use it to clear energy and restore balance as well as for protection and spiritual purification. Smudge yourself from toe to head when you are feeling angry, confused, stressed, weak, etc. Anytime you encounter negative emotions in others it is recommended that you shower then smudge. You can get Smudge Sticks on Amazon.

Residual Energy. One of Jack’s first supernatural experiences on the Roxbury job is residual energy in the form of crying babies.

Residual energy is the replaying of past events even by the living, such is the case after a heated argument. It’s the trauma that’s left behind more than the spirits (or living) themselves that is hanging around.

In the spirit world, energy lingers in a specific place like a battle field or murder location. It’s nonresponsive to activities of the living, though that is hard to believe for those who have experienced it..

Researchers disagree as to whether it can be released but most agree that it can. Releasing is done with the use of smudging and increasing circulation to remove stagnancy by physical means such as opening a window or spiritual means through vibrational work (chanting, prayer, drumming, etc).

If you have ever walked into a room and felt a chill, heaviness, sadness, or emotional darkness, you have experienced residual energy. Whenever going to a new location, whether a new home, office, or just a vacation spot, it’s a good idea to release whatever has been left behind so it doesn’t invade your energy field.

Sleep Paralysis. This phenomenon causes a temporary state where one is unable to move or speak. It is an in between stage of wakefulness and sleep.

I’ve experienced it myself for over thirty years, although it is much rarer these days. Although science dismisses it as a ‘sleep problem,’ those who experience it, including myself have a different viewpoint.

What is especially intriguing is that paralysers, for lack of a better term, have many of the same experiences such as hearing people and noise in other rooms, feeling that someone is watching them, feeling something sit on the bed, seeing figures in the room (although the ability to keep the eyes open is often limited), and even being attacked by a non-human entity.

Séance by John Beattie, Bristol, England, 1872 (CC)

Séance. This French word for seat or session somehow got translated to mean a sit down session to commute with the dead via a psychic medium.

The practice became quite popular in the mid-nineteen century during the rise of Spiritualism.  Mary Todd Lincoln was known to hold séances in the White House to contact her son.

Before radio, television, and social media, people gathered together to contact the spirits. Séances were performed both in religious services and as stage shows.

Spirit or talking boards were often used as a way for the dead to communicate. Ouija board is a brand name.  The boards usually display the alphabet, numbers, yes, no, and goodbye. All the participants place one or two fingers on the planchette (French for ‘little plank”. A small, heart-shaped object on casters) while the medium asks the spirit questions.

While many caution against the use of the Ouija board, the device itself is no different than a common board game. The danger lies in the channel that is opened by the practitioners.

It’s thought that those inexperienced and ill prepared in contacting the dead connect with spirits who reside in the lower astral plane.  These spirits are often confused by a death due to physical trauma, murder, or suicide.

Supernatural Synchronicity. Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to define events that cannot be explained by cause and effect yet are meaningful to the observer.

Paying attention to the synchronicities in your life can increase your own supernatural abilities. Once your attention increases, so will your attraction and manifestations of what you find meaningful.

If you dismiss synchronistic events as mere coincidences, this video may open your eyes to the cosmic order of your own life.


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