Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series

The Jack Raven Ghost Mystery series is about psychic medium and ghost eradicator, Jack Raven and her Tamaskan wolfdog Mojo. They travel the country helping the haunted and the spirits doing the haunting.  It is a fun, clean and supernatural adventure.

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Just before Christmas, she’s called to the home of Dorothy Matthews to get rid of the man who’s living in the woman’s attic. Alexander

Jenningsworth, the home’s first owner, has increased his ghostly activity and has no plans on going anywhere. Dorothy though has already left the building.

Determined to learn why Alexander remains earthbound years after his death, Jack discovers secrets from his and Dorothy’s lives that defy the time that separates them. With help from Detective Clayton Acker, Jack battles an angry spirit for the truth that uncovers past and present mysteries.

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Jack’s in in Cathville, Arkansas, to chase off a spooky mist in the woods where real estate broker Dexter Joubert and his business partners plan to build a shopping mall.

Dexter has more problems than an ecto-mist and construction delays. He’s got some good old local boys who want to keep a bunch of mall shoppers out of their neck of the woods, dubious financial dealings, and his own jaded reputation. There’s also the little matter of a pretty, young, and very dead real estate agent .

Ex-boyfriend and ex-con, Levi Cordona, tags along to win back Jack’s heart and prove he’s not a common criminal. Together, they get uncomfortable some wickedly weird and unwelcoming backwoods, and Jack learns the land’s nefarious history and the truth that lies buried in its soil.

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Book 3

Jack goes to Shem Bay, Oregon, to release a spirit that’s haunting a mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Following the recent death of his wife, Dr. Pratt and his daughter, Mackenzie, moved into the house on Shem Bay. Soon after settling into their new home, Mackenzie sees a shadow man in the house.

Dr. Pratt is sinking deeper into depression, and his alcohol use is jeopardizing his sanity and threatening to open a portal to darker entities.

When the ghost of an old man appears in Dr. Pratt’s bedroom and tries to kill him, the doctor thinks he’s finally lost his mind completely until he reviews his home surveillance footage and sees the apparition, and something far worse.

Ghost Mystery
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Book 4

Jack goes to Eton Bluff, Minnesota. Four young, tech-savvy partners have invested their meager savings in a new social media startup called Spider. The enterprise’s founders are tech clueless, but have over sixty years of combined experience selling used cars.

The partners experience unexplained events that they are convinced are supernatural. After partner Morgan Nordquist falls to his death, the others blame a vile spirit they’ve named Charlie. When a local paranormal group goes missing after spending a night in the barn, the remaining partners convince Morgan’s cousin to hire Jack.

Blanche Coleman, a detective with a troubled past, is assigned to the case. She suspects Rice and Alice had everything to do with Morgan’s death, especially after she discovers the Silvers bought life insurance on each of the four entrepreneurs.

The more Coleman investigates, the stranger things get. When she meets Jack, Coleman sees her as an unwitting accomplice to cracking the case and redeeming her own tarnished reputation.

Charlie has other plans.

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Book 5

Jack goes to Taw Ridge, Tennessee where a new hotel owner is being driven out of business by the ghosts of three murder victims whose cases were never solved. The victims were killed in separate rooms on the thirteenth floor on the same night over fifteen years ago.

Ellen Boshears inherited the hotel from an uncle she never knew existed. Having just buried her husband of one year, she’s eager to leave California and return to her home town. The building has sat empty for years, but its upkeep was maintained until her uncle’s death. Now guests report hearing screams,  running in halls, and slamming doors.

Boshears doesn’t believe in ghosts. She’s spent many nights on the thirteenth floor without hearing a thing. She wants to put an end to what he sees as nothing but rumors. She plans a grand reopening party in two weeks and wants to use Jack’s services to boast publicity and money is no object. She wants a certification that the Hotel Boshears is a ghost free.

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Jack goes to Kexport, Pennsylvania, to investigate a haunting in an antique shop after the owner is found dead.

Sherman Ballard owned Sherman’s Treasures for forty seven years. The police think his death is suspicious, and they soon learn two people had everything to gain by his death.
Sherman’s business partner, Bing, insists that an evil spirit in a mirror is responsible for the man’s death. He’s sure supernatural forces are at work, and Jack discovers that the mirror’s history proves he’s right.

But there’s far more she has to learn about the troubled soul’s past, and just why that soul refuses to leave this earth.


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