Help for the Haunted

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spirit-mirrorGot Ghosts? Relax

First, it’s important to not be afraid. I know, easier said than done.

Just remember that ghosts were once living people.

Now they have a problem. They’re dead and stuck in this earthly dimension.

They need to move on and for some reason they can’t or won’t. Imagine how that would feel and how frightening and frustrating it is to need help and not get it.

Relax, breathe deep, and help them move on for your sake as well as theirs.

For a variety of reasons, a ghost may not act all that friendly. That doesn’t mean they are evil or demonic. Unless they have demonstrated otherwise by causing physical harm, they probably are just as afraid as you are. If you are being harmed mentally or physically, get professional help. Otherwise, you may end of doing more harm than good.  

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Get to the Source of the Matter

Second, figure out the problem. What the living perceive as a haunting, the dead see as a cry for help.

A spirit will stay earthbound for a number of reasons and it’s important to consider these reasons before attempting to help your ghost move on. Do research on the history of the house or property, ask for messages and signs from your guest,  and/or get help from a Medium who works with spirits.

Ask the spirit why they are here and how you can help them crossover then listen.


The Reasons a Ghost May be in Your House

  • Confusion: Many of us are so involved in our lives that we overlook the fact that death will happen to us. This is especially true when death occurs at a young age without prior warning. Death is not only hard to accept when it happens, for some spirits it can be baffling.
  • Lost: The more earthbound we live our life, the less likely we are to remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Logical and reason over feeling type thinkers and non-believers in life will have a hard time finding their way to the spirit dimension.
  • Angry: There are a million reasons a spirit can be angry including anger held in life, anger at another person, a circumstance, or a disease that took their life, and simply being angry because they died.
  • Unfinished business: We all have things in our lives that absolutely have to get done no matter what. Death will prove that won’t happen, not in this lifetime anyway. Still, a determined spirit will see things otherwise.
  • Not believing they are dead: For those that think and act like they will live forever, seeing death is still not believing. They think the universe, God, or Twitter simply made a mistake.
  • Unwilling to leave: Pity the spirit whose heart is broken because they had some wonderful reason they really wanted to live such as being newly married, a parent, or a lottery winner.
  • Wanting revenge: This spirit can be quite difficult for obvious reasons. They’re also stuck in the human experience and will be hell-bent about not moving on until the culprit is punished.
  • Returning spirit: A spirit who crosses over then returns usually does so because they are connected to the living (you or someone else in the home) and want to lend support and/or convey a message including that they are at peace, or simply want to be near the ones they love. Spirits who once lived in the home may also return because the house is familiar or they too may want to convey a message or experience the living. These spirits are usually quite benign and their visits infrequent or temporary.

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How to Assist with Crossing Over

Once you know (or think you know) the reason(s) your ghost may still be earthbound, you can approach them with a kinder helping hand. Pick a time, an hour or two, when you won’t be disturbed.

  • Get centered: Clear and calm your mind. Ask your own spirit guides for assistance, meditate, pray, or listen to spiritual music for 30-60 minutes. It’s important to be in a peaceful, balanced, and empowered state. Never begin this process when you are sick, angry, intoxicated, or frightened.
  • Set the mood: Light a white candle and use sage, sandalwood, lemongrass, or lavender smudge or incense.
  • Play nice: Leave yelling and threatening to the TV shows. Their only purpose is to secure higher ratings. This technique doesn’t work for much else in life or death.
  • Introductions: Remember that spirits were people once too. Introduce yourself, acknowledge them, and let them know you are there to help them. Also, if they are frightening you or your family, make it clear that they are to be more respectful.
  • Share what you know: If you discovered that someone died in the house or was murdered or died due to injuries or illness, share this. Don’t assume you got it right unless you received the information via a qualified Medium, but it’s okay to show you cared enough to try and learn who they once were. Tell them all things are resolved in the spirit realm and peace awaits them.
  • Be honest: Tell your ghost they are in spirit now and that it is time to move on to the spirit realm to be with loved ones, angels, guardians, God.
  • Go to the light: This can be a powerful experience for the giver as well as the receiving spirit. Close your eyes (if you’re comfortable doing so) and visualize crystal light all around you. See a beacon of light in the distance and help the spirit to walk towards it. Assure them their loves one or angels/guides are there and it is time to join them.
  • Trust your gut:  We all have supernatural powers. You don’t need to learn so much as you need to trust. Listen and be willing to hear answers. Working with spirits is spiritual work too, enjoy.

Knowing the haunting/cry for help is based on logical ‘human’ emotions
will help you help your resident spirit move on.

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