Ghosts of Texas: Stagecoach Road

In The Roxbury Haunting (Book 1 of the Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series), Jack goes to the fictional town of Roxbury to release a spirit who has reason to stay in his old Victorian Mansion.

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Stagecoach Road in Marshall, Texas.

Take a slow drive down this dirt road and you’re likely to encounter more than one ghost.

Whether they sit on the trunk of your car while you search between the trees or their misty faces light up the side of the road, know they are watching you.

If you’re lucky, you’ll hear the clanking of an old stagecoach and see dutiful spirits carrying the coffins of Confederate soldiers.  If  on the other hand, you see Old Lady Lucy, run. Your luck has just run out.

If you are particularly brave go up to the sand dune where it’s said demon spirits practice black magic.

Some people have seen nothing at all on this old road, but they’ve heard heavy footsteps running in the woods. Running towards them, but never getting close enough to be seen.  Few who have been down the road at night fail to mention its spook factor.

Park on the old bridge if you dare and watch your rearview mirror for a few minutes. You won’t see anything, but do get out and check for the children’s handprints on the back of your car.

Should you see her, you may feel like shedding some tears for La Llorna, the lady in black, who is also known as the Weeping Woman.  She’s often seen carrying a lantern as she searches for her  children who some say went missing, but most think La Llorna killed her children in a rage after her true loved dumped her for another. La Llorna then killed herself in the river.

Then there’s the Woman In White who is believed  to have died in a stagecoach accident  on a dark, stormy night. She is said to make her appearance just before disaster strikes so don’t just stand around and stare at the woman.

What every ghost tale needs is an Ax Man, and Stagecoach Road has one of those too.  If you travel alone on the road at night, expect to have your head chopped off.

This long, lonely road is said to have been cursed by a voodoo priestess after she was forced to leave her home in New Orleans in the early 1800s. Stagecoach was once the main road between Shreveport and Marshall so she ended up in Texas.

Seems the good people of Marshall didn’t much care for  the priestess’ superpowers and thought they would be rid of her for good just by hanging her from a tree on Stagecoach Road. Silly Texans, voodoo never dies.

These days, the priestess likes to wander the road especially when the moon is full. Some say she carries a shrunken head… and it looks just like you.

Stay haunted.

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