Ghosts of Minnesota: Grey Cloud Island

In The Eton Bluff Bay Haunting (Book 4 of the Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series), Jack goes to the fictional town of Eton Bluff to find out who is haunting an old barn and three kids in Minnesota field.

Grey Cloud Island

Grey Cloud Island is a residential community located along the banks of the Mississippi  River. It’s named after Marpiyarotowin, a Native American Princess who was known by the name Grey Cloud. She was the daughter of the Great Mdewakanton Dakota Sioux Chief Wapasha I. She was born in 1744 and died in 1844.

To the Native Americans, the island is sacred ground. It is said to have the largest number of Indian burial mounds in the country. Many visitors to the island complain of an unsettling feeling in the air.

Grey Cloud is said to walk the island while carrying a green lantern. Green orbs or clouds have been associated with her ghost. Others report seeing a blue-green light.

Native American drumming has been heard on nights when the moon is full. Phantom coyotes have also been reported.

Grey Cloud is not the only reported spirit on the island. The Grey Cloud Cemetery is a popular paranormal haunt despite the warning signs to stay out between sundown and sun up.

Those visiting the island have reported a ghost-driven white pickup truck that enjoys tailgating and chasing non-locals off the island. Some say that the truck has no driver. The story is that the driver was a man who lost control of his truck and drown in the Mississippi River.

One popular tale is of the grave of a witch who once lived on the island. On her grave, only weeds will grow while the other graves are covered with grass.

A young girl struck by a train is said to still walk the lonely tracks.

A headless bride is said to roam the fields. Legend says that her beloved discovered that she was cheating on him, so he chopped off her head with an axe. Guess she’s still looking for her head.

There is a row of headstones where a dozen nuns are buried. Locals say if you walk one direction counting the stones then turn around and count them in the other direction, you’ll get a different number. If you try this trick, watch for the shadow of a small child being amused by your efforts.

A phantom cigarette smoker is reported to frequent the local cemetery on moonlit nights.

Both those in vehicles and on foot have reported a translucent motorcyclist silently riding down the roads. They also report that it will vanish without warning.

Hearing disembodied voices amongst the graves is not uncommon and neither are the claims of the horrified screams of a woman.

Several have reported a translucent man wearing a red flannel jacket and an orange hat while smoking a cigarette and carrying a rifle. One woman even reported that the man stared at her and she became so frightened, she left the area. Apparently though, he wasn’t done with her. As she drove away, she reports she saw him in her backseat through the rearview mirror. I wonder how she kept driving.

Those visiting the cemetery have reported car problems once inside the gates. Upon hearing the screaming woman, one driver whose car would not start, pushed it out the gates. As soon as  he was out, his vehicle’s engine turned on as did the radio and lights.

Those who have visited the cemetery advise wearing running shoes if you are brave enough to enter the gates.

Stay haunted.

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