Ghosts of Arkansas: Crescent Hotel & Spa

In The Cathville Haunting (Book 2 of the Jack Raven Ghost Mystery Series), Jack goes to the fictional town of Cathville to get rid of an ecto-mist that is haunting the Arkansas woods.

Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Americas Most Haunted Hotel

If you go to Arkansas, plan to stay at the Crescent Hotel & Spa. Known as America’s Most Haunted Hotel, many of the guest have never checked out. That’s okay, because the hotel has its own  morgue.

The hotel was build in 1886, as a resort for the rich and famous. It has been reincarnated twice as colleges and once as a hospital and health resort before its current owner turned it into a ghost hunter’s favorite haunt.

Crescent has had a troubled and sad past that is now bankrolling its bright future. The current owner is proud of the title of most haunted, and the ghost guide staffers give regular ghost tours around the hotel. Guests are rarely disappointed since the hotel supposedly has over one hundred spirits and they aren’t shy.

Smoking may not be allowed in the hotel, but you may still smell pipe tobacco. In the late nineteenth century, the hotel had its own in-house doctor. Dr. John Freemont Ellis loved his cherry tobacco, and most say he still does. Ask for Room 212 if you want to be sure to smell the sweet scent.

If you feel a cold breeze while on the staircase landing, look around and say hello to the little girl who reportedly fell to her death from the fourth floor railing.

Yes, before you ask, the tour does include a walkthrough of the morgue. They even turn off the lights so you get the full effect of the place. Now aren’t they nice. Guests are encouraged to stand at the autopsy table and take photos in the hopes of catching an orb or two.

In case you’re wondering why the morgue, the hotel was once a cancer hospital. Norman Baker was not a doctor, but promised he could cure cancer. He couldn’t. In addition, one of his employees was thrilled by the kill rather than the cure. Some of the bodies were put in the walk-in cooler where many of their spirits stay to this day. Dozens of skeletons were found behind wall panels.

You don’t have to go on the tour to get your ghostly experience. Guests have reported hearing their name called, having their bed sheets tugged on while sleeping, hearing footsteps in their rooms, and feeling like they’ve been touched.

If it’s available, ask for Room 218, the exact spot where Michael, one of the hotel’s builders fell to his death. Be a sound sleeper though because Michael likes to shake his roommates awake.

If you’d rather see a photo of a ghost than a ghost itself, stay in Room 202. There’s a photo of a misty figure slouching in the closet. Only the photographer and the ghost were in the room when the picture was taken.

While in the lobby or the bar you may see a distinguished-looking man dressed in old-fashioned clothing and wearing a mustache and beard. He’s not much of a talker so don’t expect him to say hello… before he vanishes.

Stay haunted.

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