Gem Stone: Desert Rose

Desert Rose is a sandstone / sedimentary rock,  which is a transformation of air, ice, wind, gravity, or water flows.

Desert Rose is also known as Sand Rose. Its energy is one of effortless flow that will help remove blockages.

Desert Rose is found in desert regions and has been used as talismans for protection, general well being,  and in building emotional and physical confidence.

If you are shy or lack self-esteem, wear this stone and be prepared to reveal your many talents.

If you feel physically or emotionally weak, this is a stone that will help you weather the storms and strengthen your resolve. When you think Desert Rose, think solidity.

It can also help strengthen your relationships and bring cohesiveness in your partnerships.

Desert Rose is associated with the eyes and general weakness. It supports you in restoring degenerative conditions.

If you are subjected to others with harsh or hostile personalities, wear Desert  Rose. It promotes flexibility and acceptance while discouraging negative moods. Wear Desert Rose if you suffer from panic attacks.

If you are going through changes, both supportive and taxing, keep Desert Rose nearby. This stone will help you stand your ground and assist you in making sound decisions that are built on a firm foundation.

Use the stone when meditating to contact your angels and spirit guides.

This stone will help you increase your creativity by promoting clarity of your vision and encouraging movement (flow) in mind and spirit.

It also helps to balance reality so you can avoid undue influences that muddle up your inner magi.

Along with keeping the stone in a room and wearing it in the form of jewelry, Desert Rose should be used when saying affirmations and in goal setting.

Desert Rose is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio (water/emotion).

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