Gem Stone: Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite is a carbonate mineral that is usually mined from deep underground.

If you are on your last nerve, wear Blue Calcite. It not only calms and relaxes, it helps clear negative emotions. Keep Blue Calcite in the bedroom to encourage peaceful and restorative sleep.

If you are feeling stuck and without motivation, Blue Calcite can help you clear old patterns of behavior and increase drive and direction.

Have Blue Calcite nearby when you are learning a new task or you need to open yourself to alternative ways of  doing an old task.

Repetitive and outdated thought patterns can be reduced and eliminated through this stone.

Blue Calcite is associated with the throat, 5th, chakra. If you must deal with negative and demanding people, this mineral will a help you in communicating calmly and confidentially as well as reducing the associated negative energy of a disruptive state. If this sounds like your current situation, wear the stone at your neck.

Use the stone when meditating if you are seeking inspiration and increased optimism.

If you would like to develop psychic and creative abilities, Blue Calcite is a must have stone to promote vision, clairvoyance, and telepathy.

If you cannot remember your dreams, place a Blue Calcite stone under your pillow at night and set the intention of receiving messages from your subconscious or spirit guides.

The stone is effective in shifting inner reality and opening the doors to inspiration. Expect many light bulb moments with Blue Calcite.

Along with keeping the stone in a room and wearing it in the form of jewelry, Blue Calcite’s intuitive properties make it an ideal medium for scrying. Add a few of the stones to a bowl of water.

Blue Calcite is associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer (water/emotion).

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