Gem Stone: Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura Quartz is a beautiful and magical stone, but the color is human-made.

This unique quartz is the result of the crystals being heated and bonding fine vaporized gold to its surface.

It is truly the alchemist’s stone.

Aqua Aura is a powerful healing stone that is especially beneficial to those who are holding on to loss, grief, and fear.

If you need comfort and assistance in moving on in your life, wear this stone. It will support you and ensure that others recognize your suffering so they will lend their own support.

It will also enable you to release any anger you have towards others as well as yourself in a kind and productive way that empowers you without hurting others.

Aqua Aura can assist with throat problems, stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also support the thymus and immune system and make you more resilient.

It is a soothing stone that can help release physical and mental heat from the body including that caused by anger and resentment.

The stone works well with the throat chakra by encouraging you to use your higher truth, which comes from the heart, during self-reflection, analysis, and self-communication. If you are your worst critic, wear this stone.

Aqua Aura will guard against psychic attacks by raising your vibration to a higher level. If you are around others who are energy drainers, wear this stone as a shield.

If you are living or working in a negative environment, keep the stone near you.

Use Aqua Aura to help release negativity from your subtle energy field.

This is a balancing stone. Use it when you are feeling indecisive and scattered.

When meditating, use Aqua Aura to  raise your vibrational  frequency. The combination of quartz and gold will give you access to spiritual portals of wisdom including the Akashic records.

Aqua Aura as is Amethyst is associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius (air/mental).

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