Feel the Tilt: Summer Solstice 2016

Summer Solstice RavenOn June 20, 2016 the Earth’s northern hemisphere tilts toward the Sun.

This positions the sun higher in the sky, creating a longer travel time from east to west. The days lengthen and thus, the nights shorten. Ta Da!

Not only are the days longer, the sun’s rays are beaming down on the earth instead of coming in at a low angle. These direct beams provide more heat (welcome summer) and awakens sleeping hearts and souls and plants and animals… and you and me.

The Summer Solstice is also known as the Midsummer solar holiday or the festival of Litha. While Litha is often depicted as a beautiful nature girl, angel or faerie, Litha refers to one of the four Wiccan sabbats.

June 20 will be the longest day and the shortest night in 2016 (again for the northern hemisphere).

But it gets even more exciting as this year we will also have a full moon on this blessed day.

Full moons are the full cycle, completion. Let us hope and wish and pray and believe and make happen the end of darkness and the start of brightness for every creature on earth no matter where they are.

So listen up: It’s time to say, “Out with the been-there-done-that and bring on the light!”


 What To Do

Whatever else you do on this day remember it is a day of celebration so get outside and dance with the Sun God.

Open every window in your home at one time (if only for a short while). Use sage incenses or smudge sticks to release the last of winter’s stagnant energy.

Jump for joy, dance, run, and twirl. Our bodies were meant to be used! Move it or watch it spread out and flop around. Forget exercise. This is the perfect day to commit to a lifestyle of movement. If you’re confused about how this works, watch children. They can’t walk without running, can’t sit without rolling around, can’t stand without hopping.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Not just this day but all summer long and you’ll be amazed at how fabulous you look and feel when summer turns to fall. Try ones that you have never tried before: fennel, kohlrabi (cabbage-like), leeks, okra, parsnips, rutabagas to name a few. Eat more raw veggies.

fantasy-petSpend time in your garden and fill it with carnations, daisies, ivy, and roses as well as herbs especially mint and basil.

Spend time with loving, positive people. Avoid critics, complainers, and energy drainers. There are plenty of places to go to find like minded people. Stop twitting, get off Facebook and find real live friends whether people or animals.

Fire up the Summer Earth God (the barbeque 🙂 Check out these vegetarian barbecue cookbooks on Amazon and let our fellow little creatures live another day and another and another.

Make a new plan. What were those New Year’s resolutions you made? Forget about them. This is a new beginning. What do you want to do? Where do you want to be when fall comes around again? Write it down to make it happen.

Close your Fabulous Sun Celebration with a ritual of gratitude and healing. Use lavender and lemon scented candles to pray, meditate, read poetry, sing, and listen to high vib music. Check out Meditative Mind on YouTube  and Amazon.

Finally, watch the sun set and give thanks.

Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.
Bob Marley

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