Cozy Comfort Recipe ebook

30 Cozy Mystery inspired recipes including Jack’s favorite Arkansas addiction: Deep Fried Pickles!

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Some Favorites
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Gram’s Secret Spice Mix
Thick & Cozy Pumpkin Soup
Sweet Potato Chips
Deep Fried Pickles
Creamy Sriracha Dip
Hot Cross Buns
Caraway Loaf Cake
Soul Cakes (Doughnut Style)
Fried Camembert & Cranberry Salad
Cranberry Whiskey Sauce
Baked Cranberry Caramel Custard
Iceland Elf Cranberry Bread &
Almond Orange Splash
Green Chai Tea


Sliced Pickles Photo by robmadeo on flickr
Whole pickles Photo by Rusty Gillespie on flickr
Photos were modified for group photo display. Use is under the Creative Commons License. Use of these and the public domain photographs is not suggestive of endorsement by the licensors.

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