Beautiful Cosmic Justice


Pub Date: 06/26/2015 – 211 Pages $1.99


A dead bookkeeper, brain matter, an attempt on a police detective’s life, dirty books, porn films and a dead porn film maker.

What’s a God-fearing, Southern girl to do?

Shelby Sutton, left two times at the altar, moves to Kirkwood to finally say I do.

The third time is not the charm seeing as husband-to-be number three is already married, so she goes to work at the exclusive Kirkwood Park Village for her money-grubbing cousin, personal injury lawyer Rylan Jeffers.

On Shelby’s first day on the job, the beauty queen bookkeeper is found with her brains bashed in and some of the mishmash missing from the murder scene.

Rylan’s arrested and Shelby’s determined to get his sorry-self out of the slammer– if she doesn’t kill him or herself first.

Thank the Lord, she has the right nice distraction of Detective Rick Marzano to keep a bit of her crumbling mind off Rylan’s latest mess of trouble.

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