Aura Color: Yellow

A yellow aura radiates fun, joy, optimism, creativity, and good health.

There are interests and abilities in writing, artistic pursuits, music, and healing work including traditional medicine.

Yellow denotes spirituality and enlightenment.  A spiritual awakening is possible if not probable if a pursuit of higher consciousness is followed. A daily spiritual practice is recommended.

Psychic abilities are strong. If latent, they should be developed through meditation, prayer, imagination, and study of metaphysical subjects.  Learning to trust gut instinct is advised.

Those with a high concentration of yellow have a higher than normal fear of loss whether financial, relationship, health, or control over personal destiny. Take care to guard an inner sense of playfulness and hope.

Avoid people who seem too reliant upon logic as well as those who are strict, demanding, or controlling.

If the good times become a detriment, seek guidance through spiritual means. Reflect upon what is being suppressed or triggered.  Ward off the burdens of fear, depression, and anger through creative expression.

Too much stress and negativity will prompt the need to escape through destructive means. Addictions are possible. Too many days without laughter is harmful. Day dreaming is recommended.

Live a life of passion with a focus on excitement for a bright future.

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