Aura Color: Red

A red aura radiates energy, drive, ambition, sexuality, and dominance.

There are interests in physical activities and fitness, tangible results, control, leadership, and authority.

Getting things done and done right are important. A fiery personality gets attention and that attention is well deserved, both for good and for bad. A quick temper may lead to unnecessary problems when the intended goal is to solve problems. Finding fault in others will compound the matter. Look within to find self-direction over dictatorship.

Although not inclined to hold grudges, overreacting can alienate more than it will convince or manage.  Likewise, inherent leadership traits will be discounted and negated. Awareness in inner power and drive is critical in avoiding a negative reaction from others.

Those with a high concentration of red may find themselves on the wrong side of the law. A violent outcome is possible if not probable if there is a lack of self-awareness and discipline. Competitive sports is recommended to obtain both traits.

Self-care, pampering, and sensuality are advised indulgences to cool the flames and reach the highest of potentials.

Live a life of passion with a focus on leadership and compassionate authority.

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