Aura Color: Purple

A purple aura radiates vision, abundance, attraction, and service to others and the planet.

There is often a pressing desire to deliver an important message to others  as well as a sense of importance or need to accomplish something bigger and better. There is an interest in political and  humanitarian causes. Involvement in environmental issues is common.

Learning and discovery are important.  Frequently, there  are leadership roles assumed in these areas . Music is understood at a higher level and goes beyond mere entertainment.  Avoiding groupthink is recommended as is having a regular practice of inner reflection. Time alone is necessary for balance.

Those with a high concentration of purple may become detached from society. Dreams may turn into day dreaming and even what others would consider delusions. Futuristic thinking may confuse others and result in more alienation from the main stream. A feeling of being short of or out of time is a common emotion.

Those with a low concentration will be drawn to fantasy and esoteric spirituality. There will be a divide between classical and mystical reality. Imagination will play a pivotal role.

Live a life of awareness with a focus on spiritual pursuits, common good, and higher goals.

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