Aura Color: Orange

An orange aura radiates creativity, vibrancy, good health, personal power, and confidence.

There are interests in creating, physical challenges, winning, and success. Orange denotes perfection and risk taking. Detailed work and mental pursuits are recommended. An element of danger will add excitement.

Goals are important and should be self-imposed,  clearly stated, and either accomplished or revised. Take care in making a career choice. Money alone will not prove satisfactory. Self-employment, travel, and high risk professions are recommended.

Those with a high concentration of orange engage in thrill-seeking behaviors. Neither fear nor common sense will deter unnecessary risks. Organized sports and skilled training in the military or other service professions are recommended to optimize achievement and avoid harm.

Those with a low concentration of orange can experience a conflicting sense of timidity or vanity.  Pride can become an obstacle. Focus on goals and self-discipline to overcome these traits.

Lack of discipline and skills can lead to injury or detrimental habits including excess use of drugs and alcohol. If behaviors are too undisciplined, increase physical activity with a focus on goals and precision are advised. Avoid people who are careless, unreliable, or dishonest.

Live a life of adventure with a focus on accomplishment and contribution to create a better world.

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