Aura Color: Green

A green aura radiates independence, forgiveness, love, and a desire for the good for all.

There are interests in nature, teaching, counseling, and healing through the use of herbs but also through traditional medicine.

Creativity and acceptance of others dominates.  Organization and efficiency are greatly valued. The desire to make money and achieve goals is strong and should be guided by altruistic intentions. Respect is both desired and easily given to others. Quality of life and taking care of the earth are important.

Perfectionism is both a blessing and a curse. In a desire to make things better, there is a tendency to overwork and not take the necessary time to relax and reflect. A need to rush things and placing demands on others can be intimidating and will cause friction. Take care not to push others beyond their own desires or needs.

The very human side of love can turn into jealousy and resentment. Blaming others is a possibility should this be the case. As a natural communicator, listen to words spoken.  Spend more time in nature alone as well as taking time for self-healing.

Live a life of passion with a focus on unconditional love, acceptance, and acts of kindness.

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