Aura Color: Brown

A brown aura radiates stability, groundedness, dependability, and practicality.

There is a deep connection to the earth and a sense of the need to be on this planet. Others describe this as being down-to-earth. Hard work elicits positive feelings. Physical senses can be relied upon. Avoiding overly emotional and spontaneous people is recommended. Making split decisions will often result in mistakes or disappointments as well as physical malady.

Rational thinking, independence, and inner strength dominate.  The need for tangible proof and data to support opinions is strong. There is a curiosity in how things work, especially those of a mechanical nature. Being logical and self-controlled are common characteristics.  The routine of support roles that require an attention to detail is preferred.

Those with a high concentration of brown may be overly serious and workaholics.  A lack of flexibility in thinking may cause problems.  An extreme attention to detail can cause analysis paralysis.

Those with a low concentration may be quite shy and often scattered.  Decision making will become difficult and will result in withdrawal from situations. Concentration will suffer. Forgetfulness is common.

Live a life of balance with a focus on order, comfort, practicality, and rewarding work.

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