Aura Color: Blue

A blue aura radiates generosity, truth, assistance, and compassion.

There are interests in spiritual development, service to others, communication, and maintaining peace in times of crisis.

Intuitive abilities should dominate decision making.  Split decisions should be avoided as inner refection will provide necessary clarity.  Making the right judgment when it involves others will not be taken lightly. Truth dominates.

Clairvoyance comes easily and should be practiced until it becomes second nature.  It will open the mind to new and improved possibilities where the logical mind fails.

Do not get bogged down in other’s emotional problems and worries. Learning to listen and counsel will prevent stress in shouldering their burdens. Without safeguards, a generous spirit will soon be depleted. Avoid any doubts about the future, which will cloud the outcome.

Those with a high concentration of blue are serene and thoughtful. Spend time alone to avoid being overwhelmed by other’s emotions. Avoid being too generous as money is not a priority, but may be for others who will take advantage. Caring for personal needs as much as the needs of other’s will be a struggle without self-awareness.

Live a life of passion with a focus on honesty, charity, self-care, and goodwill.

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