A Ghost in the House: When Spirits Communicate


I write about ghosts and yes, I see dead people. Mostly I sense their presence and have since I was a child.

Sixteen years ago, I moved into the home I’m in now. From the start, I sensed I wasn’t alone.

I’m still not alone.

I’ve sensed I have several roommates: one quite scary old man who truly does not like me, a kind woman who seems to watch over me, and a young man, perhaps a teen, whose dress looked to be from the 1800’s. He walked down the hallway and seemed totally unaware of me.

I’ve seen the old man and the younger one on just one occasion each. I’ve sensed the old man on many occasions. The woman I’ve also seen many times. Most sightings have been in my bedroom where the activity is the most intense.

Here are the things that are quite the normal:

Chattering by the Window

This occurs shortly after I’m in bed at night. There are a number of voices; even in tone, constant chattering- not causal conversation, lively and peaceful, barely audible, no words discernible, and no efforts on my part allows me to hear what’s being spoken. It lasts only five or ten minutes.

Flickering Lights

This one is not limited to the bedroom or the nighttime hours, but has increased significantly. What’s really interesting is that the bulbs do not necessarily burn out while flickering or the next time the lights are turned on, which is normally the way it works. This is particularly the case in the master bathroom. All the light fixtures are fairly new so should be no problem.


Television Turned On

This is probably the reason I’ve started this diary because it is by far the most blatant supernatural activity to date.

I usually read before falling asleep, but never do I watch television as it keeps me wide awake. Two nights ago, I woke up to the TV blaring. I immediately got up and went to the bathroom. That’s totally unlike me as I don’t wake up easily- jumping out of bed is nearly impossible. Plus, I was fully aware- impossible for me when just waking. I turned the TV off and went back to bed.

The next morning, I asked my roommate to not turn on the TV.

He, I assume a he, didn’t listen.

The next night, I woke to it on again. I use my TV as an alarm clock so the remote is near my pillow. I reached for the remove thinking it was morning and attempted to change the station as it was on some kid’s station. When it wouldn’t change, I sat up and saw that it was off although I had clearly heard it. Also, I watch the news while getting ready for bed so I know it was on a news station when I turned it off.

Due to the cable box’s position, I have to raise the remote up high, meaning it’s impossible to turn the TV on by accidentally touching or rolling over on to the remote.

Heat Turned On

witch-with-white-hairThis has happened before and I always assumed I’d left the heat on my misstake.

The night it happened, I know that wasn’t the case.

It was an unseasonably warm October and leaving the heat on all night would be unbearable. I remember turning it on when I was getting ready for bed and absolutely remember turning it off afterwards as the room was already too warm.

Yet when I woke that morning, it was blasting and the room was indeed unbearable- something I would not have been able to sleep through all night.

For now, I’ve told my roommate, he will have to start contributing to the expenses at this rate. It’s one thing to haunt; it’s another thing entirely to run up the electric bill.

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