9 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Energy

Not feeling quite like yourself these days? Don’t discount dark (negative) energy as the cause.

If you’ve ever walked into a room where there has been an argument or worse, you likely sensed the bad vibes. Dark forces are real and so is evil. Physical space retains the energetic imprint of everything that enters it, include demonic forces. So watch out, you could be influenced by dark energy without even knowing it’s happening.

Everything in Life is Vibration – Albert Einstein

Vibration is both good and bad and you can’t avoid being influenced but you can take steps to clear and protect your vibrational field.

Take the Dark Energy Quiz… and come back before it’s too late.

Banish Your Dark Energy

  1.  Clear your personal space.  In your home, workplace, vehicle, etc, clear the energy by moving stagnation.  Open as many windows as possible. Never miss a windy day to try this technique. If you can’t open windows, set up fans and blast out the negativity. You can also use hand fans and hanging mobiles.
  2. Lose the clutter. Keep qi (invisible forces, ie vibration) flowing by employing the Chinese principles of Feng Shui. Clutter blocks the flow so toss what you don’t need. Make a habit of rearranging items on shelves and in closets to release trapped energy.
  3. Keep house plants. House plants help purify stagnant air. Palm, ficus, ivy, and ferns are recommended. In early Chinese  culture, bonsai trees were thought to possess supernatural powers with the ability to increase the life force. Remember plants are alive. Keep them watered, fed, and inset free. Weather permitting, set them outdoors for short periods so they can recharge their own energy.
  4. Watch the alcohol. It’s not called the devil’s brew for nothing. Frequent use of alcohol weakens the mind and subtle energy of the soul. Under the influence is not limited to the intoxicating liquid. A toxic mind and body is susceptible to evil entities and even possession.  Intoxicants are tricksters. Illusory frequencies are created by negative energies and make things appear falsely pleasant. (SSRF)
  5. Listen to high vibrational music.  Solfeggio compositions are recommended. There are 6 hertz frequencies: 396, 417, 528, 639,741, 852. They each reduce to the number 3, 6, or 9 and the sum of the 6 reduces to 9.

    If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would hold a key to the universe. Nikola Telsa.

  6. Use essential oils. These oils have a profound effect on the emotions. Once inhaled, the smell passes to the sensory reception nerves and hypothalamus in the limbic portion of the brain, which produces hormones including oxytocin (the love chemical).  The highest vibrational oils are Rose: 320 MHz, Lavender: 118 MHz, Myrrh:105 MHz, Juniper: 98 MHz, and Sandalwood: 96 MHz.
  7. Burn white sage smudge sticks. Sage smoke is a powerful air purifier and that’s not  just folk magick talking. Scientific studies ( Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2004) show that medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria by 94% (after one hour of burning).
  8. Take time to tune in. Use meditation and/or prayer to connect with the highest frequency in the universe. If neither appeal to your convictions, consider working on accessing the Akashic Records as psychic Edgar Cayce did or by practicing thought experiments or visual thinking as was done by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.
  9. Finally, consciously choose positivity. The world is not all kittens and rainbow. #sad. Negativity sometimes feels like the normal. Choose otherwise by paying attention to your own dark thoughts and realize that darkness itself is doing your thinking for you.

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